Fast charging stations use direct current (DC) chargers.

DC fast chargers offer the fastest charging speeds available today. Current DC fast chargers supported by Electrify Canada include the Combined Charging System (CCS) connectors and CHAdeMO connectors. The brand of electric vehicle (EV) you drive will determine which plug you can use. You should be able to find out more about your vehicle’s capabilities from your owner’s manual and the manufacturer’s official website.

CCS and CHAdeMO chargers differ in the speeds at which they can charge. CCS on Electrify Canada network can charge at speeds up to 350kW, while our CHAdeMO chargers can charge at up to 50kW. Electrify Canada stations have CCS chargers with varying speeds, ranging from 50kW up to 350kW. Not all EVs are capable of charging at the charger’s maximum power level. Check with your vehicle’s manufacturer to find out your EV’s charging capabilities.

All Electrify Canada charging stations have both CCS and CHAdeMO plugs available. That means it doesn’t matter what kind of EV you drive—just about every EV model can use our stations.

So, just how fast is fast charging?

Electrify Canada DC fast chargers are the fastest on the market today 1 and can charge compatible EVs at 350kW. For cars not capable of accepting 350kW, the 350kW chargers will give you the fastest charge your EV can accept.

Many new EVs coming to market will be able to accept 100kW or higher charging power. Electrify Canada has one of the few networks ready to support this technology.

Fast charging stations are expanding.

More and more DC fast chargers are being built across the Canadian Provinces. Electrify Canada has identified 32 locations, offering 128 charging stations, with more to follow. Our network will cross 4 Canadian Provinces along major routes and within well-traveled metro areas.

For the latest operational and planned locations see the Locate a Charger page.