Charging Your EV



  • Park on the side where your vehicle’s charging port is located. Notice the connector type indicated on the parking spot.

  • Park close enough to the charger so the connector does not overextend when plugged in.


Check your connector type and maximum charge power

Electrify Canada charger display with teal Ultra-fast up to 150 kW label on left, blue CHAdeMo up to 50 kW label on right, and charger number at the top
  • View the charger’s screen to ensure the connector is compatible with your vehicle’s charging port.

    • Our CCS connectors offer two charging speeds* Hyper-Fast (up to 350 kW) and Ultra-Fast (up to 150 kW).

  • For reference, your charging port should resemble the icon at the top of the charger’s labels.

*Not all EVs are capable of charging at the charger’s maximum power level. Check with your vehicle’s manufacturer to find out your vehicle’s charging capabilities.

Plug in the connector until it clicks

  • Remove the connector from the charger with two hands.

  • Press and hold the button on top of the connector as you plug it into your vehicle’s charging port.

  • Release the button on top of the connector. You will hear a ‘click’ when your vehicle is fully connected.



Guests use the card reader, members can use the contactless reader to pay with phone

To pay as a guest...

Pricing will appear on the charger’s screen.

  • Insert, tap, or swipe your credit card.
  • Or use your mobile wallet* and tap your phone against the credit card reader.
*Compatible with Apple, Google, and Samsung Pay.

To pay as a member...

Pricing will appear in the app.

  • Access your digital membership pass in your mobile wallet. Then tap your phone against the contactless reader.
  • Or use Swipe to Start to start a charge in the app.
  • Pass, Pass+, or Premium Offer members can pay for their charging session with the Electrify Canada app or select vehicle manufacturer apps.

Pass+ members save UP TO 20% on charging. download our app to become a member.

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Start your charge

Session details displayed on charger screen including charging time, charging cost, energy delivered, state of charge and the options to view Pricing on the left, Help in the center, and Stop on the right

Session details will appear on the charger’s screen.

  • For updates about your session and to receive a text receipt:

  • To manually end your charging session, press Stop.