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Our Direct Current (DC) chargers offer some of the fastest charging speeds available today (Ultra-Fast 150 kW and Hyper-Fast 350 kW)

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Becoming a site host allows you to attract new customers and puts you at the forefront of the continually changing consumer landscape.

  • 81% of EV owners report that the availability of a charger makes them more loyal to a business.1
  • Diversify amenities available at your retail property.
  • Monetize your property in previously untapped ways.
  • Capitalize on relationships with automotive manufacturers by driving EVs of all kinds to your site.

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Installation and maintenance

Electrify Canada pays 100% of the upfront capital investment for the design and installation of new charging stations, as well as maintenance and upkeep costs—and we're just a phone call away after contracts are signed and hardware is installed.

Map displaying charger locations around Canada, most locations are along the southwest and southeastern corners of Canada.
  • Electrify Canada DC Ultra-Fast Charging Stations as of April 2023

Electrify Canada electric vehicle charging stations

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