Go electric and unlock complimentary charging

Get complimentary charging when you purchase or lease an electric vehicle from a participating brand.*

Ride with the best

When you purchase an electric vehicle through a participating manufacturer, get complimentary ultra fast charging or more membership benefits* at no additional cost.

Brands are listed in alphabetical order.

Learn what it means to go electric

Get familiar with the basics of EV charging

Learn what to expect at the charger and how to charge

Find ultra fast charging stations near you

Locate a charger on the website and see real-time availability in the app

Enroll in your Premium Offer with the app

Learn how to create an account and use your complimentary charging*

Use the Electrify Canada app to enroll and save

If you own or lease a vehicle with a Premium Offer from one of these brands, use the Electrify Canada app to enroll.

Use an enrollment code to redeem your complimentary charging

1 Download the Electrify Canada app and create your account

2 Select Premium Offer in the Account tab

3 Tap I have an enrollment code

4 Enter your enrollment code and select your plan

5 Accept the Plan Disclosure and add a backup payment method for any fees that are not covered by your complimentary charging**

Note: Some automakers have their own mobile app to enroll in complimentary charging. The following section provides more information.


Use your vehicle’s app to enroll

If you own or lease a vehicle with complimentary charging from any of these brands, use their app to enroll.

Become a Pass+ Member

Enjoy reduced costs on charging with the network that pioneered the availability of Ultra-Fast (150 kW) and Hyper-Fast (350 kW) chargers in Canada.

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*Program details vary, depending on the vehicle model and manufacturer and date of purchase. See the promotion terms and conditions for your specific vehicle for full information and restrictions, available at Audi, BMW, Porsche, and Volkswagen.

**To help ensure you can charge uninterrupted, your Electrify Canada account balance automatically reloads when it falls below $5. You’ll be billed the auto-reload amount you select in the app, the first time you charge at an Electrify Canada station, and the billed amount will be held in your account to cover costs not covered by this plan, such as idle fees and applicable taxes. Drivers who do not unplug and move their vehicle ten minutes after their charging session is complete will be charged a $0.40 per-minute idle fee. This fee encourages drivers to move their car promptly so that others can use the charger. You can be notified when your charging session is complete by text message (your mobile carrier’s messaging, data and other rates may apply) or see it on the charger screen.