What is Electrify Canada?

Electrify Canada is a new partnership between Volkswagen Group Canada and Electrify Canada that will build transformative, ultra-fast electric vehicle (EV) direct current (DC) charging infrastructure to give Canadians the speed and reliability they need to confidently make the switch to electric.

Can only VWs, Audis, and Porsches use Electrify Canada?

Any EV with a compatible CCS or CHAdeMO charging inlet can use Electrify Canada.  Some Tesla vehicles can charge via an optional adapter available only from Tesla.

When will the Electrify Canada network start to come online?

Planning and deployment are well underway.  Look for the first Electrify Canada stations in 2019. 

How do I find an Electrify Canada charger?

To locate an Electrify Canada charger near you, search the online map here. For your convenience, Electrify Canada charging stations locations include multiple direct current (DC) fast chargers.

What do the Electrify Canada DC charger power levels listed on the station represent?

Electrify Canada DC fast chargers are capable of delivering up to 50kW, 150kW, or 350kW, depending on your vehicle, with higher kW outputs correlating to faster charging sessions. The blue and green labels on each charger indicate the maximum available kW from the chargers.

Tip: A DC-compatible (CCS or CHAdeMO) EV can be charged at any available Electrify Canada charger.

What do the labels on the Electrify Canada chargers indicate?

We use blue and green color labels to help drivers easily determine the correct type of connector and corresponding power level for their vehicle. At Electrify Canada chargers, green power level labels refer to CCS connectors, while blue power labels indicate CHAdeMO. For example, a green label reading “up to 350kW” means that the charger offers up to 350kW for a CCS-compatible EV, but the vehicle will determine the actual session charging rate.

CHAdeMO        ccs


How do I know which connector works with my vehicle?

Look for the labels on every Electrify Canada charger, which clearly indicate CCS (green) and CHAdeMO (blue) connectors by color. If either connector is in use on a given charger, please look for the next available charger.

Which charger should I select to charge my vehicle? Does the charger’s power level affect its compatibility with my car?

Labels on each Electrify Canada DC fast charger display the maximum available kW power level for each connector. Your EV will determine the appropriate power level of the session. Keep in mind the green and blue color labels indicates the maximum power for CCS connectors and CHAdeMO connectors, respectively.

CHAdeMO        ccs

If one connector on a charger is already plugged into a vehicle, can I use the other one?

Only one connector can be used per Electrify Canada DC fast charger at a time. If either connector is in use, please look for the next nearest available charger at that site to plug in. Each of our chargers has two connectors to accommodate vehicles with different charging port placement.

How do I start a DC fast charging session at an Electrify Canada charger?

To charge DC-capable EVs:

  1. Plug. Choose a compatible DC Fast connector and plug it into your vehicle’s charge port.
  2. Pay. Insert or swipe your credit or debit card to authorize your charging session following the display screen instructions.
  3. Charge. Take advantage of charging session text notifications and receive a receipt by text1 to optimize your time.
  4. Go. Upon completion of your vehicle charge, unplug, and continue on your way.

1 Messaging and data rates may apply.

How fast can I charge?

Each site will offer charging speeds of up to 150kW or 350kW.  Depending on a number of factors—especially the capabilities of the vehicle—charging speeds could reach up to 4-30 km of range for every minute of charging.2 The stations will also deliver 50kW to support today’s EVs from all automotive manufacturers.

2Figures based on internal estimates and subject to change.  Actual driving range will vary based on, but not limited to the following: vehicle type; driving and charging habits; weather and temperature; battery age and vehicle condition. Importantly, battery capacity decreases with time and use.

What payment methods are accepted?

All Electrify Canada chargers accept Visa and MasterCard credit cards, as well as Visa and MasterCard debit cards.

How do I create an account with Electrify Canada?

Currently, drivers can charge at any Electrify Canada charger and pay by credit or debit card. In the future, drivers will have the option to create an account with Electrify Canada and download our convenient app, to easily locate an available charge and start and monitor a charging session. Sign up for updates.