Meet the Electrify Canada team

Get to know our people.


Giovanni Palazzo

Giovanni Palazzo is the President of Electrify Canada. He has also been the President & CEO of Electrify America, LLC since 2018. Prior to joining Electrify America, Giovanni spent seven years working at Volkswagen AG, most recently serving as the head of e-mobility strategy, leading all relevant Group e-mobility activities on a global scale. Giovanni also served in several roles related to electric transportation and charging at Mercedes-Benz and Daimler AG.

Chief Operations Officer

Robert Barrosa

Robert Barrosa is the Chief Operations Officer for Electrify Canada. In this role, he is responsible for overall operational direction, providing leadership for strategic initiatives that help Electrify Canada achieve its key strategic and operational priorities. Rob has over 10 years of experience in the EV infrastructure industry. Prior to joining Electrify Canada, he served as vice president of OEM Strategy and Business Development for EVgo, and as an executive with AeroVironment Inc. in product development, engineering, and business development.

Program Manager

Stefan Reinsdorf

Stefan Reinsdorf is the Program Manager. He is responsible for managing the overall development of the network and the service integration with Electrify Canada’s partner brands. Prior to joining Electrify Canada, Stefan spent seven years working at Volkswagen AG, most recently serving as Senior Project Manager for e-mobility business models and infrastructure, where he was responsible for projects such as the foundation of the European Ionity Charging Joint Venture and the new Volkswagen brand, Elli. Stefan also served in several roles related to electric transportation at RWE AG.

Program Manager for Site Development and Construction

Julie McKenna

Julie McKenna is the Program Manager for Site Development and Construction. In this role, she is responsible for field-team management, and program management of partners and vendors, reviewing site eligibility, negotiating terms with property owners, coordinating with electric utilities, and construction. She previously served as Retail Development Manager for Volkswagen Canada. Julie has over 16 years of experience in retail design and construction, communications, and the automotive industry.

Operations Program Lead

Vince Churchill

Vince Churchill is the Operations Program Lead, responsible for site design, permitting, utility coordination, construction, and commissioning for Electrify Canada’s network. Prior to joining Electrify Canada, Vince managed more than $100 million in product development at Caterpillar, successfully bringing hybrid-drive and autonomous technology to the global mining market, while expanding the Caterpillar manufacturing footprint across the globe.

Senior Service Operations Engineer

Jordan Shechter

Jordan Shechter is the Senior Service Operations Engineer. In his role, Jordan is responsible for the uptime and availability of the Electrify Canada charger network, controlling maintenance and operation costs, and ensuring inter-operability of ELCA EV chargers with vehicles on the road. In a parallel capacity, Jordan also supports the operations and maintenance of the Electrify America portfolio. Previously, he managed utility-scale solar power plant assets across the U.S. and Canada, including SCADA, high-voltage, cybersecurity, and NERC compliance systems.

Manager of Controlling

Ahmed Kheir

Ahmed Kheir is the Manager of Controlling, responsible for financial planning and reporting, ensuring compliance, and providing managerial consulting. Prior to joining Electrify Canada, he held several positions within Volkswagen Group Canada, most recently serving as Manager of Capital & Production Accounting, where he led the development of accounting policies and procedures to support Electrify America.

Buyer Specialist

Misty Jappa

Misty Jappa is the Buyer Specialist, responsible for ensuring that all materials and services are procured in a manner that meets all legal, ethical, and established Electrify Canada sourcing process guidelines. She previously managed the procurement team for a leading airline catering provider, managed supplier relationships, and supported daily sourcing operations across the U.S. and Canada.